Follow the Process

Photography is more than just taking a picture. What do you do after that? Follow along with us step-by-step as we take a photo, edit the image and then print it. It's far easier than you might expect!

Step 1: We’re Going to Make a Mess!

Photography can be a lot of fun when you let your creativity run wild, and what could be more fun than making a great big mess? Join us in the mess making as we find different ways to create stunning colorful images. We’ll be doing a variety of unique shoots throughout the day involving water, paint and glasses. See what a little bit of fun can do for your photography. Don’t worry, we won’t make you clean up afterwards.

Step 2: Edit for Impact

Now that you have your images, how can you improve on them while also adding a personal touch? We’ll cover the basics of editing still life images and adjusting the images for impact.

Step 3: Show It Off

Once you have the final image, print it so others can see the results of your work! Why create an image if you’re not going to show it off? See the printing process from Canon Canada using a Pixma Pro- 1000 printer. Images look much better in print than on the social media formats we are so used to seeing them on.

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