The 2019 Edmonton Photographic Trade Show is home to free presentations featuring many local photographers discussing a wide variety of photographic subjects!

The Passionate Photographer: Dream It; Be It.

10:30am & 1:30pm   |   Stage 1

The Passionate Photographer: Dream It; Be It.

Presented by Steve Simon   |   Sponsored by McBain Camera

In this innovative seminar, Steve shares his shooting philosophies gleaned from a lifetime of wandering with his cameras, teaching concepts from his newly revised and critically-acclaimed book, "The Passionate Photographer". He will encourage you to shoot a little more, take chances, try new approaches and push past photographic boundaries and cliches well beyond your comfort zone. You’ll learn to capture lyrical, poetic and decisive moments that communicate the energy of place and evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

“The more personal you make it, the more universal it becomes” is the mantra that will help separate you from the pack, liberating you from photographic routine towards a deeper visual exploration to transform passion into a unique personal vision. He will describe the importance of the personal project by finding that story or theme you feel passionate about to take you to the next level in your photography and become the photographer you want to be. From mastering the technical to finding inspiration— regardless of your specialization in photography — you will learn to trust your intuition and rid yourself of preconceptions that hold you back. This will be an intense and fun session giving you a reinvigorated passion for your work and a clear and concise plan of action going forward to maximize your strengths and talents.

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Composite Photography Tips and Tricks

12:00pm & 3:00pm   |   Stage 1

Composite Photography Tips and Tricks

Presented by Renee Robyn   |   Sponsored by McBain Camera

Over the past several years, Renee Robyn has made a name for herself in the compositing world. She knows first hand how it can feel a little daunting at first, considering the volume of information available on the topic. In this 45 minutes presentation, Renee will walk through some of her favourite pre and post production techniques for making believable composites. From simple tips like matching lenses and perspectives, to more complicated themes like masking techniques and selecting the right background plate for your work. Compositing can be complicated, but it sometimes doesn't take much to take an image from good to great.

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Elevating Your Event Photography Game

11:15am   |   Stage 2

Elevating Your Event Photography Game

Presented by Chan Rin   |   Sponsored by McBain Camera

Chan Rin is the Co-Founder of Vivid Ribbon Photography & Design, a company that specializes in commercial, architectural, and event photography with a focus on helping brands and businesses through visual communication strategy. Chan has a background in business, marketing, and client services, which has been key to his success as a professional photographer over the past 5 years. Vivid Ribbon’s list of previous clients include The City of Edmonton, EPCOR, Alberta Blue Cross, Lululemon, Aritzia, World Health, U of A, YEG Cycle, Evolve Strength, YEG Fitness, and more. Outside of his professional work, Chan believes that connecting with others, sharing skills and knowledge are extremely helpful to personal growth as a creative, which is why he founded URBANYEG in 2015, a community of creatives in Edmonton that provides opportunities for personal and professional development through events such as InstaMeets, workshops, panel discussion series, podcasts, and more.

In his seminar on Event Photography, you’ll learn how to set proper expectations with clients, typical shot list expectations, what to bring for your shoot, effective shooting techniques, camera settings/lenses to use, and easy to do photo editing tips (shown live in Lightroom) that will help elevate your event photography work!

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All About Interiors

11:15am   |   Stage 3

All About Interiors - How to shoot for design and real estate with industry expert Rob Brown

Presented by Rob Brown   |   Sponsored by Panasonic

Join industry leader and entrepreneur Rob Brown for a crash course on creating interior images that stand out from the crowd. Learn insider tips and tricks that will accelerate your learning curve, and help you avoid common mistakes that diminish the quality and ‘wow factor’ of your images. Review essential equipment requirements to improve image quality, boost your efficiency and reduce your time in post. Establish workflow shortcuts and image delivery mechanisms that make a truly professional impression. Make sure you’re coffee’d up, we’ve got a mountain of invaluable material to cover!

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Create the Photography Business You Want

12:45am   |   Stage 2

Create the Photography Business You Want

Presented by Jamie O'Quinn   |   Sponsored by McBain Camera

redwagon photography, founded by Jamie O'Quinn in 2001, is a boutique home based photography studio. Jamie is a full time portrait photographer specializing in organic, natural light images and is lucky to capture so much love each year for the sweetest Edmonton and area mamas, babies & families. A graduate from NAITs Photographic Technology Program (1998) and a self-described "education junkie", she has spent the last 20 years refining and building a solid, profitable photography business. This seminar will touch on topics like getting started in your business, knowing your value (and pricing yourself for profit), sales, finding your style, and branding your business, to help you create the photography business you want.

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Trusting Your Weird Taste

12:45am   |   Stage 3

Trusting Your Weird Taste

Presented by Liam Mackenzie   |   Sponsored by McBain Camera

Liam Mackenzie is a queer and disabled photographer who was born and raised in Edmonton. He graduated from NAIT's Photographic Technology program in 2017 and has been working for two years Focusing on portraiture and editorial work, Liam explores gender, sexuality, and identities with bold color, movement, and personalities. In this seminar, Liam will be talking about how critical it is to trust your weird taste as an artist, photographer, and person. He will be sharing his work from previous projects/clients, such as Alberta Treasury Branch and The Sports Network, street/travel photography from countries such as Japan and Greece, and personal projects. Liam will be sharing his top 5 personal rules about how to trust your instincts and stay weird.

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Atacama Skies

2:15pm   |   Stage 2

Atacama Skies

Presented by Steven Kovick   |   Sponsored by McBain Camera

Steven Kovick is a McBain's employee who specializes in making astrophotography accessible to everyone. Recently he travelled to the world-renowed Atacama Desert in Chile. Steven will be presenting on what opportunities there are for astrophotographers viewing the southern hemisphere's skies, while also enjoying the daytime beauty of the Atacama Desert. See an array of beautiful images he took while also getting tips and advice that will help you with nighttime photography no matter your location.

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Creating a Cinematic Feel in Your Photos

2:15pm   |   Stage 3

Creating a Cinematic Feel in Your Photos

Presented by Cooper & O'Hara   |   Sponsored by McBain Camera

Learn how to apply techniques in lighting, composition, and directing the story in your shoots to create photos that have a cinematic feel. In this seminar, Cooper & O'Hara, a commercial video and photo studio, will examine and walk you through environmental portraiture and deconstruct the concepts of:

  • Creating depth in your scenes by being more intentional about working in the spaces you shoot. Get tips to make your photos more 3-dimensional and less digital and more akin to film/cinema.
  • Using light and colour to create images that are stylized and driven by the scene and story. Covering flash with colored gels and continuous video lighting gear, as well as working with practical lights in a space.
  • Creating sequences of images that dive deeper into the story of the subject by capturing raw, imperfect, in-between moments. Working with the subject like a director instead of just posing. Instilling creativity and experimentation in your shoots and creating a fun atmosphere on set.

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