The 2017 Edmonton Photographic Trade Show features many free presentations on a wide variety of photographic subjects!

Check back often as new presenters will be announced as the show date approaches.

Creating Movement in Film – Techniques & Gear

Creating Movement in Film – Techniques & Gear

Presented by Duane Bradley   |   Sponsored by Panasonic

Ever since the birth of the film industry, camera motion has been used to create an effect, tell a story, or depict a mood. Over time it has become infinitely easier and cheaper to introduce camera movement in film and video. In the quest to make effective and compelling content we sometimes need to ask ourselves, ‘Why am I moving the camera”?

This session will discuss the different gear and ways that filmmakers use camera motion including the reasons behind the movement. Join Duane Bradley from Revered Cinema as he shares his stories and experience as a special equipment technician/operator for the film and television industry to help us understand the theory behind moving the camera. Presented by Panasonic.

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Taking the Mystery out of Flash Modifiers

Taking the Mystery out of Flash Modifiers

Presented by Will Prentice   |   Sponsored by Amplis

Exploring softboxes, snoots, umbrellas, domes and everything in between. Join Will Prentice on a tour of the mystical attachments for your speedlight. Find out which ones are essential, which ones are nice to have and which ones to avoid.

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Going Straight

Going Straight…

Presented by Bob Bittner   |   Sponsored by McBain Camera

Ever have a great image, but the horizon or other parts of the image aren’t straight, you have waterspots or dust, clutter, or even a person or object that got in the way and take away from the effectiveness of your picture? We will present some hot tips and simple tricks to eliminate these problems effectively in Photoshop and Lightroom in this seminar.

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Getting It Right in Digital Marketing

Getting It Right in Digital Marketing (Learning to Market Your Photography Business Online)

Presented by Dana DiTomaso   |   Sponsored by Kickpoint

Striking out on your own is tough and making sure you're setting yourself up for marketing success is just one of the challenges. What kind of website should you have? Why aren't you coming up in Google searches? Should you market yourself on Facebook, on Instagram, or on something else entirely? How can you tell if you're getting new business from your website or other advertising? Dana will address all these questions and more in this actionable seminar.

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How to Choose your Next Lens

How to Choose your Next Lens

Presented by Will Prentice   |   Sponsored by Amplis

The store has showcases and shelves of lenses, but how do you decide which is the right lens for you? Join Will Prentice as he details what all of the funny numbers and symbols on those lenses mean and helps explain what each type of lens does. Your new lens is waiting for you – learn how to pick the lens that you will use again and again.

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